Finding Your Next Mission!

Our corporate sponsors and other business relationships make us keenly aware of the high demand for veterans in the marketplace.

Our mission for the ACT program is to capitalize on the leadership, principles, and mission accomplishment mentality that every veteran possesses and help them translate that into continued success in the civilian sector. Our taxpayers have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into training these elite men and women and at HCC we provide the additional training, coaching, and mentoring to ensure that investment produces a tremendous return for the veteran, the employer, and our economy.

A few things our veterans receive:

  • Training and counseling from HR Professionals from our corporate partners
  • Network development and assessment for career advancement
  • Targeted job search techniques and potential employer research strategies
  • Assessments and Strengths evaluation
  • Connections the vast HCC network of businesses and employers

To be a part of the Advance Career Training program, and to receive one on one mentor driven career development, please complete the form below and attach a copy of your current resume.

To apply to be a mentor click here and complete the application.

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