What is the Fellows Program?

Do you ever feel like you hung up your identity when you hung up your uniform after leaving the military? Want to regain your sense of purpose, your sense of belonging? Want to become a part of a diverse network, give back to your community, all while making a continuous impact on the world around you? Join the HCC Fellows Program.

What we do?

We empower veterans through community service. Participants will give two things that are invaluable; TIME and SKILLS to those in need. You will socialize and network, so that you can continue to prosper in a world full of obstacles. From cleaning local parks, working with other organizations with ramp and housing builds for the disabled and those in need to retreats and personal development classes. There will always be a variety of things to do!

The Results…

You have a story to share, and people that need to hear it. No matter your journey in the military, we all have one thing in common; WE ARE VETERANS! HCC will have a service or support project every month, as well as social and networking events you can participate in.

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