The leadership has a bold vision for future of HCC. We are in the process of moving to a larger facility and creating the first Veteran Business Center in North Texas. This will include office space for existing veteran-owned businesses, making it more affordable by offering space at a lower rate than other Class A or Class B offices through a membership model. It also includes shared office space, training facilities for HCC and the introduction of the first veteran only business incubator and accelerator. This would also allow HCC to not only assist veterans looking to start a new business, but bring in existing veteran-owned businesses and provide them with best in class services and a path to greater success.

HCC’s objective is to empower the best and brightest military talent in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Through training and mentoring, the organization is equipping veterans to redefine their sense of purpose.


Over 380,000 veterans currently live in the 13 counties which comprise the North Texas region; and as a nation, the public expense to train and develop these service men and women as the greatest military in the world costs the U.S. billions of dollars.

At HCC, we return the societal investment in military service members by integrating veteran talent into local economies as business owners, community leaders, and professionals. In so doing, the ultimate goal is to produce veteran leaders for the civilian sector as well as generate more jobs and support more programs for the 240,000 – 300,000 veterans who transition out of military service annually.





Service members are specifically educated for their military jobs at the highest levels of efficiency. After serving, it can be difficult for veterans to find resources that provide appropriate education and training while taking care of their families at the same time. At HCC, we provide advanced training and education for veterans interested in entrepreneurship and professional careers in the civilian sector. Through HCC’s partnerships with educational institutions and our collaborations with business leaders, we provide comparable education and training. We also effectively connect veterans with opportunities and strategies so that they can “hit the ground running” in their paths to sustainable success.


The military mindset focuses on two things, leadership and mission accomplishment. Thus, every service member learns how to be a leader, as well as, how to be led to get the job done. This mindset is rarely replicated as a primary motivation in the civilian sector. Veterans often need coaching and accountability to adapt their military mindset to excel in the business world. HCC’s mentors understand the mission accomplishment mindset as well as the bottom line. They can assist in veterans bridging the gap from the military mindset to the business way of thinking. This focused mentorship maximizes veteran leadership, their professional skills, and military expertise to turn mission accomplishment into profitability.


Service is natural to veterans who have dedicated their life to protecting our nation and way of life. To fully support veterans’ reintegration into society, HCC partners with other leading charities that also encourage veterans to continue to serve. Reintegration into society through community service is an essential component of recreating the family, camaraderie, and connections that were fostered during military service. When these attachments are replicated after service, veterans volunteer with the same level of commitment and dedication as when they served in the military. This continuity can have a positive impact on well-documented crises among veterans that often lead to suicide and depression. HCC’s focus on reconnecting veterans to their greater purpose of serving others empowers them to translate military service into their own paths of success.

Veteran Entrepreneur Training (VET) Program

A 4-phase program designed to assist veteran entrepreneurs in every stage of the business lifecycle. Each phase has a curriculum specifically tailored to the knowledge needed at each stage of businesses growth.



The Recon phase is an 8-week, program for a committed group of ambitious veteran leaders. HCC has partnered with SMU Cox School of Business and the Caruth Institute for Entrepreneurship. The program is non-degree bearing, and entails 48 hours of informative sessions, case studies, and covers expansive approaches to veteran leaders in business and community


The Pre-Deployment Phase consists of 4-hour classes, 3 days a week focused strictly on business formation. Classes will be on topics such as State filing for business formation, website design, developing sales techniques such as sales funnel and a unique selling proposition (USP), and developing a customer relationship management tool, just to name a few.


The Deployment Phase is designed to ensure the business is running smoothly and that the entrepreneur has a solid grasp of the business side of their company.


In the Occupation Phase, business scalability is key. To make it into this phase of the program a business is growing and will need the knowledge on how to successfully do so. The need for additional staff, space and product are the triggers.



Executive Director

Cliff Sosamon was born and raised in Central Illinois. He enlisted in the Marine Corps after high school and served on Operation Uphold Democracy in Haiti before volunteering for Marine Security Guard School in Quantico, VA. He then served at the American Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand and the U.S. Consulate in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where he met Paula, his future wife and the mother of his two sons.

Cliff and Paula moved to Dallas where Cliff took a job conducting security for Perot Systems. He earned his Associate of Arts degree from Collin County Community College and then two, Bachelor of Arts degrees in political science and public policy, minoring in economics from Southern Methodist University. In 2009, Cliff and Paula founded PRISMA Staffing in Frisco, Texas. In 2012, they helped co-found the North Texas Military Association (NXTMA), a 501(c) (19) that supports veterans and veteran service organizations through events such as the annual, 4th of July 10-Mile Hump fundraiser.

In 2014, Cliff began working with Honor Courage Commitment to strengthen its Veteran Entrepreneurship Training (VET) Program. Under his leadership, the program has morphed from two nights a week to a full-time class. In October 2015, Cliff became the Executive Director of HCC, a role that includes the management of the VET Program, the Operation Job Placement Program, the Fellows Program, HCC donor relations, and myriad day-to-day administration of the entire organization.



Chairman of the Board

Judd Rogers is living proof that Americans who have no personal experience of military service still can care deeply about veteran issues and veteran support services. Judd comes from a family history of military servants including a grandfather who served in World War II, a father who served in Vietnam, and a brother who served in Desert Storm.

After 9/11, Judd wanted to join the military, but at that time his mother was battling a cancer diagnosis and begged Judd not to enlist. Out of filial devotion and profound respect, he chose formal education instead, poignantly remembering his mother who eventually lost her own battle on September 11, 2003. His mother would be proud to know that Judd did go on to earn his Bachelor of Business Administration in management from Texas Tech University; a Master of Business Administration in Strategic Management from the University of North Texas; and, a Master of Science in Entrepreneurship from Southern Methodist University, graduating Beta Gamma Sigma.

While at SMU finishing his second Master’s degree, Judd met USMC Staff Sergeant Andy Nguyen. The two shared a vision to lower the veteran unemployment rate and provide veteran employment transition assistance; and, so they launched HCC to serve that purpose. In 2011, HCC was formally recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. “I felt guilty for a long time about not serving in the military, but then I realized that I didn’t have to serve in the military to serve our country. Our communities need us, and our veterans need us more than ever. I’m honored to be part of Honor Courage Commitment and 22Kill,” said Judd. Judd donates his time to serve as Chairman of the Board for HCC, drawing no salary for himself.

Career wise, Jude is a national accounts manager of Crouse-Hinds by Eaton, a diversified global electrical products manufacturer. Since helping launch HCC as a co-founder, Judd has mentored veterans, recruited participants, pursued funding, and provided financial oversight.


Board Member

Billy Dickinson has twenty-five years of experience in accounting and information technology with credentials in financial planning, business valuations and tax as well as Microsoft systems engineering and database administration. Billy is also an expert on non-profit administration/management; and, he has a heart for philanthropy. An avid outdoorsman and hunter, Billy’s family owns a historic ranch and homestead which dates back to the time when Texas was actually a province of Spain.


Board Member

Salvatore Augustine “Sal” Giunta is a former United States Army Soldier and the first person since the Vietnam War to receive the U.S. military’s highest decoration for valor, the Medal of Honor, while still living as opposed to being posthumously awarded. Sal was cited for saving the lives of members of his squad on October 25, 2007 during the War in Afghanistan. He left the U.S. Army in June 2011.


Board Member

J.J. Wilson was commissioned in May 1998 upon graduation from Texas A&M University with a degree in Marketing; he attended The Basic School and Infantry Officers Course.  He reported to 3rd Battalion 1st Marines where he served as a Rifle Platoon Commander, Weapons Platoon Commander, and Executive Officer of Lima Company.  Following this assignment, he served as the Operation Officer of Recruiting Station New Orleans.  He was transitioned to his civilian career in financial planning and pharmaceuticals sales in 2003 and continued to serve in the United States Marine Corps Reserves with: H&S 3/23, Bravo Co. 1/23, Wounded Warrior Regiment as a Home Town Link, and mobilized from 2008-2010 as the District Injured Support Coordinator Cell of the Wounded Warrior Regiment.  Upon return to civilian employment with Merck Pharmaceuticals, he concurrently attended graduate school at the prestigious SMU Cox School of Business obtaining an Executive Masters of Business Administration.  Concurrently, he volunteered as the Executive Director of Honor Courage Commitment Inc. developing the Vetrepreneur Incubator Program and Starting a Business Bootcamp partnership with SMU’s Caruth Entrepreneur Center.  Upon graduation from SMU, he left his pharmaceutical career at Merck for a position as the Director of Clinical Integration at the Texas Purchasing Coalition (TPC).  Lieutenant Colonel Wilson returned to reserve status with the Marine Corps Recruiting Command as a Reserve Support Officer.  After serving two years as the Program Executive Officer with the Marine Corps Summer Leadership and Character Development Academy (SLCDA), he was promoted to the National Program Manager.  After one year with TPC, he was promoted to his current role as Vice President of Business Development until mobilizing with the Wounded Warrior Battalion East Landstuhl Detachment and transferring to the Portsmouth Detachment.  Lieutenant Colonel Wilson is a graduate of Marine Corps Command and Staff College and Rapid Response Planning Process.



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